Wood panels

We can supply wood panels from different species such as beech , oak and also softwood species,   who have a wide range usage in the furniture industry as kitchen countertops , shelves , steps, etc.

After the lamella type found in the structure of the wood panels, we have two categories as follows:

  • FJ panels with jointed blades
  • Continuous lamella panels - with tabs without FJ

The size of panels usually made ​​are the following:
L = length of 2500-6000 mm
B = width of 300-1200 mm
D = 16-50 mmmm thick
d = 40 mm slat width

Quality: A; A/B; B; B/C etc.
Humidity: 10 ± 2 %
Glue: D3 DIN EN204 ( no formaldehyde )