Whitewood Timber

Softwood lumber processed and marketed LAPROM ROMANIA is often used in construction. Due to the outstanding quality and that sort not only two major classes of quality, our timber easily finds its use in the furniture industry and not only.
Softwood lumber has proven versatility and applicability in various fields due to special structural characteristics.

Standard Specifications

  • delivered fresh cut or kiln dried to a moisture content of about 18% +/- 2%;
  • lengths of 3000 mm/4000 mm (2985 mm/3985 mm fit for 40'HC container;on request can be and 5000/6000 mm;
  • width varies from 100/125/150/175/200/250 mm and above.
  • Standard thickness is 22/25/32/48/50/55/75/80/100 mm.

Quality specifications

Class AB

  • healthy wood without rotting or insect holes;
  • colorations are not accepted;
  • Healthy knots less than 20 mm in diameter;
  • cracks are not accepted;
  • not accepted bark, bevels more than 15% of the length of the piece, or other defects.

Industrial Class

  • healthy wood without rotting;
  • Insect can be found isolated;
  • accepted traces of stains (blueness);
  • Healthy knots higher and higher percentage;
  • accept cracks on the ends;
  • accepted a higher percentage of bevels;
  • sometimes it can identify shell.