Wood Products

The beech timber range sold by us implies high quality raw materials and exceptional complementary services.

The oak timber of LAPROM ROMANIA is distinguished by appearance and quality. Its outstanding qualities recommends the usage in various fields.

Softwood lumber has proven versatility and applicability in various fields due to special structural characteristics.

The wooden sleepers for railways are used in a variety of sizes depending on our customers the request or order.

We own working technologies that we use and that allow us to be flexible and adapt quickly to your needs.

Panels have a wide range usage in the furniture industry as kitchen countertops , shelves , steps, etc.

We can deliver white beech veneer and steamed veneer,white oak veneer, linden tree veneer (lime tree), cherry tree veneer.

Beech briquettes have a high calorific power , being made ​​without additives with minimal impact on the environment.